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How to boost your mood in 3 easy steps

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

We are in uncertain times and this can affect our mood, how can we stay positive, happy and healthy at this time?

Here are 3 easy tips to implement right now to boost your mood.

1. Write 3 positives a day

Before we leave the office, my team and I have been writing 3 positive things that have happened that day onto a post it. This simple act has helped us feel that bit more positive each day.

But why? Kaplan (2013) found that recording three positives lead to increased job satisfaction and feeling more fulfilled as well as increased optimism and positivity.

The benefit of feeling more optimistic and happy is that when you are in a positive mental state, rather than neutral or negative, you are 31% more productive.

So, perhaps worth trying to get this uplift in productivity.

2. Say thanks

When was the last time you wrote someone a thank you letter?

Gratitude increases happiness and reduces depression, as it lowers toxic emotions (Emmons, 2012). And to top it off, grateful people even sleep better.

So, take time today, and everyday, to show gratitude.

Send a WhatsApp to someone who deserves to be recognised, email a colleague who has helped you recently, write a letter to a relative to remind them of something you are grateful they shared with you.

Not only will you feel the benefits, the other person reading your message will too.

3. Celebrate progress rather than perfection

We often focus on the end result… and this is the part of the process we don’t have any control over.

What you can control is the process and your progress. Visualisation of the process, rather than the end result, actually improves performance.

This has been proved in numerous studies - one of which involves basketball. Two groups were analysed - one group simply visualised basketball throws and the other physically practiced throwing everyday for 20 days. The group that physically practiced improved by 24%, the group that only visualised improved by….23%, only 1% difference!

Here the focus is on the process. This is a great lesson in demonstrating if we want to improve something in our lives, we should focus on the steps you need to take to get there rather than just what that end result looks like.

By breaking goals down into small achievable steps it helps us achieve more, stay motivated and remain positive even when a task seems too big.

So, you can start improving your mood today. Our brain is a muscle, and like all the other muscles in our body, it can improve.

Give your brain a daily workout in positivity and reap the benefits of being three times more creative, 19% more accurate and 31% more productive.

If you’re interested in improving the mindset of you and your team, get in touch and see how we could work together.

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