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To create inclusive teams where everyone feels engaged and can do their best work


A place where leaders empower and recognise their people and lead with kindness

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Augusta Vivian


Augusta loves helping teams and businesses grow. With her background in Psychology from Oxford, she looks at every challenge with people at the centre.​

Her vision is to inspire inclusive and sustainable workplaces where each individual is engaged and productive.


She has experience working across industries helping solve challenges by sharing innovative ideas that achieve lasting change. Her goal is to transform cultures, build and develop successful teams, and share strategies that lead to success. 


Augusta is passionate about the environment and always has this as a guiding value in all that she does. She loves going on walks, doing anything creative and adding to her already huge plant collection. 

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Laura McFarlane

Senior Consultant​

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Laura is driven by helping people and teams communicate. She is interested in understanding organisational culture and how people interact to create a successful team.


Laura went to Glasgow University where she achieved a first class honours in Art History. She enjoys helping teams improve feedback processes, understand each others behavioural styles and improve efficiency. 


Growing up in Scotland, she loves climbing hills and eating a well deserved sandwich at the top.

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Juliet Lack

Chief Financial Officer ​

Juliet enjoys collaborating and engaging with individuals and motivating them to achieve results. Actively listening and drawing out the strengths of others is her approach to life and work.

As a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, she is experienced in financial management and the strategy of growing businesses.

Juliet is passionate about helping others and she is a Trustee of a Homelessness charity close to her home in Surrey.

Her other passion is the outdoors - she spends a lot of her free time climbing mountains on foot or by bike.

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Eloïse Barbier 


Eloise has a background in branding and research, and is particularly interested in helping teams perform better through behavioural insights.


Graduated with an undergraduate degree in English from Cambridge and a master’s specialised in Market Research, she brings both creative and analytical approaches to client work.


She also loves to chat about food, art, running and what you have been reading lately! 

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Charlotte Duckworth


Charlotte is motivated by helping others to do their best work. She is focused on taking a positive, behaviour change-based approach to people development.

Charlotte went to Durham University before completing a masters in Human Resources and Consulting. She has a keen interest in mindset, psychological safety, leadership and how we, as human beings, think differently.

Charlotte is an advocate for climate justice and conscious of her environmental impact. She loves exploring the local countryside, whether walking, running or cycling - always to be followed by good food!​

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Coran Lui


Coran is committed to helping individuals and teams achieve bigger and better things by utilising evidence-based approaches. He believes that everyone has the potential to excel, and that successful teams stem from engaged people.

With a masters degree in Organisational Psychology from UCL and consulting experience working with organisations from a vast range of sectors, Coran seeks to integrate people-focused perspectives to help teams achieve sustainable insights and change.

Having previously spent time working at the RSPCA, Coran is passionate about animal welfare and humane education. He also enjoys staying active in his free time, through playing volleyball and football. 

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Marcia Marini

Non executive director

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Marcia helps leaders grow their business and build successful and happy teams. She holds us to very high governance standards at Higson, and always challenges our decisions to ensure they are the best!

Marcia has started, led, sold and contributed to the growth of over 50 SMEs.  Her first achievement, in a CEO role, was to lead the growth of a consultancy firm that grew from zero to £20m in 7 years.


Over the last 10 years, Marcia has invested in, mentored and advised hundreds of brilliant owners, leaders and their teams, supporting them to achieve sustainable growth.


Marcia strongly believes that businesses can be both for profit and for good.  She is an advocate for social impact businesses.  She moved to the UK from Brazil 25 years ago and her biggest pride is her two wonderful boys!

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Emma Truscott

Executive assistant  

Emma is passionate about supporting business owners with their daily tasks, allowing busy entrepreneurs to focus on growing their ideas.

After owning her own company for more than 11 years, Emma knows from experience the challenges that business owners face, and is committed to providing professional assistance so they can accomplish more.

Born in Cornwall, Emma loves spending time by the coast, hiking, surfing and paddle boarding.