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Our social impact

Foggy Forest

Our partnership with Cool Earth

We donate 15% of all our profits to Cool Earth


People and planet are at the heart of every decision we make at Higson. By supporting Cool Earth we are demonstrating our shared commitment to empower people and take care of our planet. 


In our unique partnership with Cool Earth, Higson donates 15% of all profits and provides free training workshops to grow and develop the Cool Earth team. The better Higson does, the more we are able to donate to Cool Earth.


The best thing about Higson's partnership with Cool Earth is that our clients are helping to halt deforestation with every training workshop they book. 


We love the work Cool Earth does to tackle climate change, protect our planet and make communities stronger and more resilient. We are incredibly proud to be one of their partners.

What does the world need from COP26?

A brilliant interview with Matthew Owen, director of Cool Earth sharing his knowledge about what outcomes the world needs from COP26.

Matthew shares insights on the crucial role we as individuals, businesses and the government must play to tackle the climate emergency.

In our interview we discuss the importance of carbon sinks, the role methane plays and why we have reasons to be climate optimistic!

Is offsetting a load of rubbish? Watch the interview to find out what Matthew has to say...

Other charities we support

Pro bono work

We commit our time and expertise to support a charity each month.

Giving them access to our advice, training, and tools to help 

scale and have a greater impact

We donate 20% of our profits to charity

This is split between 10% time and at least 10% cash donations

Free To Be Kids

We helped the leaders of Free To Be Kids develop the skills and processes that will help them win more funding bids, as well as manage growth and scaling their team.

We are also planning and running the first Free To Be Kids fundraising event. The goal of this event is to raise funding and awareness, enabling the charity to work with more children in need of the support Free to Be Kids provides.

free to be.webp

I Can You Can Too 

We worked with the young people on the I Can You Can Too programme to help them challenge their limiting beliefs, develop their growth mindset and improve their mental resilience. We support the belief that young people should not be held back by their social status.

This helped prepare them for leaving school and widening their horizons and belief in themselves to follow their dreams.


You Make It

We are one of the chosen partners of You Make It, a charity that works to empower disadvantaged women living in London who are looking for full-time employment. We are helping to achieve gender equity.

Our part of the programme helps the young women develop practical strategies to improve their own emotional resilience and self-confidence, crucial for success and wellbeing. 

YouMakeIt_Logo_JPEG copy.png


We worked with founders of vaccination charity Suvita to improve the delivery of their message and value proposition in pitches, fundraising bids, and proposals. We worked with them to make their messaging clear and their delivery more compelling.

This has allowed Suvita to tailor and hone how they present their material and become more confident in their delivery.


Our impact this year

Higson 2022 Impact.png
Higson Foundation.png

We have launched the Higson Foundation

  • Individuals are referred through charities 

  • A completely free six month programme 

  • Monthly group workshops

  • One to one mentoring 

  • Continual support and resources 

Higson Foundation (1).png

If you know a charity that

you think could benefit from

our work or have a referral for the Higson Foundation, please get in touch

We really care about our impact on the planet

The UK is committed by law to be zero carbon by 2050. So, if we want our businesses to thrive long-term, we need to start taking our carbon footprint seriously. At Higson these are some of the things we have done:

1. Sustainability is one our core values - it sits at the centre of every decision we make 

2. Encourage sustainable travel to the office and with our client work

3. We give sustainable holiday travel - encouraging the team to avoid flying and take a train, or low-carbon travel option instead

4. Conscious about our consumption - if it aint broke...
5. Give sustainable rewards - low carbon food and gift options
6. Have a monthly sustainability review - discuss ideas, areas for improvement at work and in our personal lives 
7. Support charities that are committed to sustainability, sharing our expertise and profits


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