Our social impact

Working with charities

Free To Be Kids

We work with the leaders of Free To Be Kids to help develop the skills and processes that will help them win funding bids and supporters, as well as manage growth and upscaling.

We are also leading the panel planning and executing the Free To Be fundraising event. We are helping secure sponsorship, food and entertainment as well as promote the event.

I Can You Can Too 

We worked with the school children in the I Can You Can Too community to help them connect to their personal motivation, challenge their limiting beliefs and develop their mindsets. 

This helped prepare them for leaving school and deciding their next steps. 

You Make It

We ran mindset training for You Make It, a charity that works to empower disadvantaged women living in London and looking for full time employment. 


Our workshop taught practical strategies to help improve emotional resilience, a crucial tool for success and happiness. 


We worked with founders of vaccination charity Suvita to help them improve the delivery of their message in pitches, fundraising bids and proposals. We worked with them to make their messaging clearer and their delivery more compelling.

This has allowed Suvita to tailor and hone how they present their material and become more confident in their delivery.

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