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We are not an off-the-shelf training company

doing work together

We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to training. Before building you a training programme, we consult on your complete approach to sales. The insights gathered from this consultative approach can help you develop a holistic strategy to improve sales within your organisation.

We take time to evaluate your people's skills, mindset and the processes they have in place. To do this, we speak to your salespeople, interview sales leaders, evaluate proposals and marketing materials, and shadow sales meetings and phone calls. We present our insights to you in a capability report, giving you easily actionable recommendations that will help improve your sales.

Higson did an absolutely fantastic job on the training of our salesforce and made a big impact on our capabilities with their approach. Our collaboration has been fantastic and I’ve enjoyed the perspective Higson brought to understanding and improving our business. 

Managing Director

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