Augusta Vivian



Augusta loves helping teams and businesses grow. With her background in Psychology from Oxford she looks at every challenge with people at the centre and shares innovative ideas that create lasting change.


She has experience working across industries helping solve people challenges. Her goal is to transform cultures, build and develop successful teams and share strategies that lead to success. 

Augusta is passionate about the environment, and always has this as a guiding value in all that she does. 

When not at work she likes to go for walks, do anything creative - jewellery making, painting, she has even tried her hand at origami, has a huge plant collection and spends time with her family. 

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Laura McFarlane

Senior Consultant


Laura has particular skill in creating a positive and engaging training environment. She has experience in helping businesses grow organically. Graduated with a first class degree in Art History, she brings creativity and insight to workshops.


As 'Chief Fun Officer' (CFO) Laura takes the lead on running activities that bring the team together. She is excellent at coming up with innovative ideas of how to build trust and psychological safety in a team.


Her goal is to help businesses create an inclusive and engaging culture.

Fun fact: She likes to climb the Scottish mountains and since moving to London has become a big fan of falafel.

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Juliet Lack

Chief Financial Officer 

Juliet is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, experienced in the financial management and strategy of growing businesses as diverse as international development, leisure and technology.


Alongside this,

Juliet is a trustee of the charity Kingston Churches Action On Homelessness.


Outside of work Juliet enjoys cycling and spending time in the Lake District.

Karim Halabi


Karim comes from a background of business management and responsible innovation, with a strong interest in tech and business strategy.


His goal is to learn methods of sustainable business, and be part of scalable growth. He understands the importance of a positive work culture and is passionate about helping teams develop and achieve objectives.


Outside the office, he loves reading, football, and a good boogie! 

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Camilla Krefting


Camilla has a background in law and studied in Belgium and the UK. This has taught her to be an excellent communicator in a variety of settings.


She brings insight into the importance of client retention and internal communication. She is interested in identifying how she can best help clients and tailor solutions accordingly.


When not at work Camilla enjoys team sports, playing hockey and visiting art exhibitions

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Eloïse Barbier 


Eloise has a background in branding and research, and is particularly interested in helping teams perform better through behavioural insights.


Graduated with an undergraduate degree in English from Cambridge and a master’s specialised in Market Research, she brings both creative and analytical approaches to client work.


She also loves to chat about food, art, running and what you have been reading lately! 

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Our values

We genuinely care

We do the right thing

We have fun, it makes for success

We go above and beyond


"I have never known a consultant to

design the shed, build the shed,

then stick around to hold the shed up.

That is what working with Higson is like" 

- Tom, Global Head of Sales, Edge by Ascential   

We transform businesses through building a sales/business development strategy and training the team to be able to implement it effectively and successfully.

We improve sales process, mindset and skill set with our clients leading to increased revenue, reduced turnover of employees and customers and enhanced engagement and productivity.
We help leaders and teams develop structure and confidence in their communications with clients, employees and each other.
Our vision 

Help create a world where all businesses invest in their people, where employees are engaged, happy and proactive in their communications both internally and externally. 

Where all leaders care about their individuals and the environment. They create a place where individuals feel recognised, motivated and invested in.

We get things done and create change

We make it relevant and impactful

We inspire sustainable workplaces

We continuously improve

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