We believe in the importance of investing in people to create sustainable and organic business growth.


Our mission is to help create inclusive teams where everyone feels engaged and motivated

to do their best work.


We help individuals improve their mindset, skills, and confidence so that they can achieve more.

We do this in three main ways: running bespoke training workshops, sharing insight with leaders and giving teams tools and structures to embed the training. All of our workshops and tools are designed using a psychological approach so that they trigger real behaviour change.

How we help

Our guiding values

When your people thrive,

so does your business

94% of individuals say they would stay longer at a company if it simply invested in helping them learn

Source: LinkedIn's workforce learning report, 2019

Teams we have worked with

What we do

After our training

The impact we have


Higson were engaging, informative and shared great tools. I left the session feeling enthused, motivated and on the right path for progression


As a direct result of the training I've taken a new approach to referrals and have won three new clients with an average order value of $1.35 million


I have never known a consultancy to design the shed, build the shed and then stick around to hold the shed up. This is what working with Higson is like

We care about our social impact

We donate a day of our time a month to helping charities

We run an annual Higson Foundation program open to individuals who would not otherwise have access to personal development and coaching

As well as supporting these charities with our time and expertise we commit to give a percentage of our profit to charity

A global crisis of employee disengagement is costing businesses £5.7 trillion in productivity and profits

Source: Gallup, 2019


The session was very engaging, with lots of easily implementable learnings tailored to our approach. Our team was able to put it into practice within hours and maintain that it was the best training session they had ever had. From a management perspective, we've seen a really measurable increase in productivity and client satisfaction.

A great return on investment.

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